FutureChurch FOCUS

A unique perspective for Catholics who care about Vatican II

Rooted in our mission, FutureChurch brings a unique perspective to the events of the day as the Church struggles to live out its Vatican II mandate more fully.   We believe all Catholics should have the opportunity to participate fully in the life, governance, and ministry of the Church.

Our educational resources, our advocacy, and our reflections on daily events that impact each and every Catholic are rooted in a vision of Gospel justice and the ideals set out at the Second Vatican Council.  We believe there are abundant gifts yet to be discovered by ordained leaders in the institutional Church.  Lay and religious women, married and celibate men, LGBT sisters and brothers, those who are divorced and remarried, and a whole host of Catholics who have been “othered” by the rigid rule makers who want a “smaller, purer Church” have found barriers at every turn when they try to offer their gifts to the Institution.

FutureChurch and the many Catholics who long for a Gospel inspired, Vatican II church continue to work so that all can participate fully in its life, governance and ministry.  It is our dream that all may enter into the robust life offered by our God  — the One who loves with outrageous abandon and whose radical vision for Her people is rooted in the dignity of each person. In that way, we move toward each other offering our rich cadre of gifts to all God’s people.